Mario Esfiha 5th Degree Promotion and more…

On Saturday December 2nd, 2017, Professor Roberto “The Spider” Traven came to Austin for another amazing seminar AND promotion ceremony. On this day, Prof. Traven promoted Mario Esfiha to 5th degree black belt, nearly 20 years after Mario was first promoted to black belt.

Along with Mario’s promotion, we also had a slew of other promotions. Numerous blue belts and several purples. Notable promotions were James Wang and William Ward being promoted to brown belt. Alex Henley, Sam Greenfield, Kat Harrison and Griff Dabadie were promoted to black belt. Jason Claunch, Travis Joyner and Nelson Blair were all promoted to 2nd degree black belt. This was a very memorable day for all!

More photos can be found at our FACEBOOK ALBUM.