Mario “Esfiha” Queiroga – Owner / Head BJJ Instructor

Mario Esfiha - 5th degree BJJ blaclk belt• BJJ Black Belt 5th Degree
• Professor since 2007
• 3x BJJ World Champion
• BJJ practitioner since 1988
• Abu Dhabi World Championship ADCC Veteran
• Judo Brown Belt (Sankyu)
• US Modern Army Combatives Level 3 Instructor
• Member of Brasa Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Team

Travis Joyner – Adult BJJ Instructor

Travis Joyner - BJJ Black Belt• BJJ Black Belt under Mario Esfiha
• Judo Green Belt (Yonkyu – USJA)
• Trained in BJJ since 2003. Travis began his BJJ training under Rudy Vasquez and Ernesto Peralez. He has had the opportunity to learn and study BJJ under several black belts including Dave Phillips, Rolles Gracie Jr., Igor Gracie, and now trains under Ze Mario Esfiha. Travis has also studied western boxing and Muay Thai for several years under Rudy Vasquez and has had to opportunity to train with several top Mixed Martial arts fighters and trainers. Travis has been competing since 2004, and has competed in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Submission wrestling, No-Gi grappling, Freestyle Sambo and Mixed Martial Arts.

Nelson Blair – Adult BJJ Instructor

Nelson Blair - Austin BJJ Black Belt• BJJ Black Belt under Mario Esfiha



Douglas Curttright – Adult BJJ Instructor

Douglas Curttright• BJJ Black Belt Under Mario Esfiha
• Judo Orange Belt (Gokyu)


Alex Henley – Adult BJJ Instructor

Alex Henley - Black Belt• BJJ Black Belt under Mario Esfiha
• Judo Green Belt (Yonkyu – USJA)
• US Modern Army Combatives Level 1 Trainer
• 8X IBJJF Champion
• 3X NAGA Champion
• IBJJF World Masters Silver Medalist
• Trained in USA, Canada, Italy, Spain, France and England

Alex also has his on BJJ gym in Bastrop, TX called Insight BJJ. Come visit some time!

Arjun Ghosh – Judo Instructor

• Judo Black Belt
• BJJ Purple Belt

Arjun started Judo in 2002 with Bob Perez at the Texas A&M Judo team. After winning multiple medals at the local, state, regional and national levels, Arjun received his black belt in 2007. He graduated from college and moved to Houston where he trained at Diamondback Judo for the brief time he lived there, then moved to San Antonio where he trained at Alamo Judo. He then moved to Austin where he noticed a lack of competitive judo, and opened a new club, Kokoro Judo, where we now supervise judo clubs at Kokoro, the University of Texas, Ridgeview Middle school, and the Judo club at Mario Esfiha BJJ in Austin TX.

Michael Romer – Kids BJJ Instructor

Michael Romer Brown• BJJ Brown Belt under Mario Esfiha
• Judo Orange Belt
• Trained in BJJ since 2010
• 3rd Place Gi, Gracie Grappling Cup – 2014 (Purple)

William Ward - Kids BJJ Instructor

William Ward - Kids BJJ Instructor• BJJ Brown Belt under Mario Esfiha • 1st Place Gi, NAGA - 2014 (Blue) • Trained submission wrestling from 2009-2010 at Rulon Gardner's gym in Logan, Utah • Trained with the gi since October 2010 under Mario Esfiha • Fascination with pro wrestling & MMA as a kid led him to discover the gentle art of BJJ as an adult • Competed in grappling competitions all over Utah and Texas, gi and no gi.                
Metric Place Plaza  1921 Cedar Bend Dr. Unit 146 Austin TX 78758 Brasa Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Austin Headquarters