Mario Esfiha 5th Degree Promotion and more…

On Saturday December 2nd, 2017, Professor Roberto “The Spider” Traven came to Austin for another amazing seminar AND promotion ceremony. On this day, Prof. Traven promoted Mario Esfiha to 5th degree black belt, nearly 20 years after Mario was first promoted to black belt.

Along with Mario’s promotion, we also had a slew of other promotions. Numerous blue belts and several purples. Notable promotions were James Wang and William Ward being promoted to brown belt. Alex Henley, Sam Greenfield, Kat Harrison and Griff Dabadie were promoted to black belt. Jason Claunch, Travis Joyner and Nelson Blair were all promoted to 2nd degree black belt. This was a very memorable day for all!

More photos can be found at our FACEBOOK ALBUM.

2016 IBJJF Austin International Open


This past weekend MEBJJ several students and Professor Mario competed at the IBJJF Austin International Open. Professor Mario “Esfiha” hadn’t competed in 6 years so it was an exciting weekend for our team.

In the masters divisions, Alex Henley competed at brown belt in both No Gi and Gi, and Professor Mario competed at Black Belt in both Gi and No Gi. In the adult divisions, David Lafferty competed at purple belt in both Gi and No Gi, David Altgelt competed at blue belt in both Gi and No Gi, and Kevin Kenyon competed at blue belt in both disciplines.

We were fortunate to have great success this weekend. Here are the results.



At Black Belt: Professor Mario won Gold by submission in Gi against Mario Agnese, a tough opponent. He also received Gold in his division for No Gi and won the Gold in the No Gi Absolute division against another tough opponent, Rodrigo Antunes.  Congratulations Professor!


At Brown Belt: Alex Henley won Silver in Gi after two great matches. He also received a Gold in No Gi. Congratulations Alex!


At Purple Belt: David Lafferty won the Bronze in No Gi and went on to compete in the absolute division. He also competed in Gi. Congratulations David!


At Blue Belt: Kevin Kenyon won Gold in Gi after three matches. He also won Bronze in No Gi. Congratulations Kevin!


At Blue Belt: David Altgelt won Bronze in No Gi and also competed in Gi. Congratulations David!

Again a big thank you to everyone that supported us this past weekend. And Congratulations to all the competitors.

To see more pictures from the tournament click here.

Support our Former Student Jeff Steenburg


Please help us support our former teammate Jeff with his recent health struggles. Jeff is a Travis County Corrections Officer and was valuable teammate during his time here at MEBJJ. He recently suffered what seemed a routine staph infection – but it progressed into something more serious. Fortunately, he is now on the road to recovery. As part of the Austin BJJ community please show support by checking out his go fund me page:

Several MEBJJ members have already shown support. We wish Jeff a speedy recovery and the best of luck with his future BJJ journey.


2 MEBJJ Brown Belts take part in Pro BJJ Event

F2W Pro 3Mario Esfiha brown belts Alex Henley and Ben Snow were invited to showcase the art in the ‘Fight to Win Pro 3’ event held in Austin on March 4th, 2016. Over 500 people were considered, but ultimately only 50 grapplers were chosen for 25 pro BJJ matches. Both Alex and Ben were just promoted to brown belt 4 months earlier and went up against grapplers with many more years experience. Both Alex’s and Ben’s matches were 7 minute submission only. A ref’s decision would decide the winner if no submission came after 7 minutes.

Alex Henley went up against Tommy McCay of Gracie Humaitá Austin. Although Alex lost this match by decision, he was able to keep Tommy at bay for most of the fight then escaped a submission attempt in the final seconds of the match. Considering the size, age and experience gap, Alex did a great job at shutting Tommy down.

Ben Snow had a very exciting match with Daniel Rodriguez of Cinco MMA. This match also went the distance with no submissions. However, Ben was a dominant force on the mats and won a unanimous ref’s decision.

Check out both matches below, and feel free to share. If you’re looking to get started with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, fill out our rates form to get the rates sent immediately to your email:

Mario Esfiha BJJ set to have 2 competitors at FTW Pro 3

This is Austins first taste of professional Jiu-Jitsu! Out of 505 applicants, 50 have been chosen (based on skill level, support of FTW, and status in the community) to represent on Texas’ biggest grappling platform, and two of our brown belts were chosen for this event! Competing for the team will be Ben Snow vs Dan Rodrigues, and Alex Henley vs. Tommy McCay. The format for these matches, is:

  • 7 Minute Matches
  • Submission Only
  • If no submission, winner is determined by ref’s decision
  • This is not an MMA match…. strictly Jiu Jitsu

Please come out and enjoy the show and support Ben, Alex, and the local grappling scene!

Tickets available @



Dress up in full costume, decorate your gi, or just come as you are. (no makeup, glitter, sharp objects, etc…)

What we’ll do:

  • Play BJJ games:
    • Super Hero SUMO Challenge
    • Tug o’ war
  • Best costume contest

If you bring a friend, have their parents fill out the online waiver

PARENTS: Feel free to bring snacks & drinks, healthy or otherwise. =)


Roberto Traven Seminar & Belt Promotions – Nov 7th


Come train and have fun with us at our 5th annual belt promotion celebration!

Schedule of Events:

  • 10 to 11am -Regular kids class
  • 11:30 to 2:30pm – Professor Roberto Traven Bjj Seminar and Sparring.
    Cost: $70 Brasa members and $85 Non members.
  • 2:30 – Belt Promotion Ceremony
    (Family and friends are welcome to come from this point on)
  • 5:00 – Celebration Dinner at Estância Churrascaria.
    Cost: $48 + tax.(Includes extra soft drinks /juice, dessert, coffee) .
    Regular price is $49.95 without drinks/dessert/coffee.

Tournament Success in 2015!


Alex-IBJJF-GoldHere we are barely in the second month of the year, and Team Brasa Austin/Bastrop is already racking up the medal count!

On February 7th, 2015 we had a couple of competitors go to IBJJF Houston Open and it was a great experience! Congrats to Alex Henley who brought home the GOLD after 3 hard-fought matches.



Then on February 14th, 2015, we cleaned up and NAGA Austin. All of our competitors brought home medals!

1st place:
– David Lafferty – Nogi Expert Division
– Tony Redman – Gi White Belt
– Emily Guy – Kids Novice (Bastrop)
– Travis Guy – Kids Beginner (Bastrop)
– Drew Allen – Gi White Belt

2nd place:
– David Lafferty – Gi Purple Belt
– Seve Sommers – Gi White Belt
– Grayson Henley – Kids Gi Expert (Bastrop)
– Calvin Redman – Kids Gi Expert
– Calvin Redman – Kids Gi Intermediate

3rd place:
– Grayson Henley – Kids Gi Expert (Bastrop)
– Calvin Redman – Kids Gi Intermediate


4th Anniversary, Roberto Traven Seminar & Belt Promotion

Brasa AustinCome to our 4th Anniversary to celebrate with us on November 8th, 2014!
How the day will be:

  • 11am – 1pm Seminar with Professor Roberto Traven Bjj (Cost $70)
  • 1pm – 2pm Open mat & rolling (For seminar participants only)
  • 2pm – 3pm Belt Promotion Ceremony! (Family and Friends are welcome)
  • 5pm – 8pm Celebration Dinner at Estância Churrascaria Special deal with all the meats, Salad Bar, soft drinks, dessert and coffee
    (Cost $45 + Tip)
    Or Salad Bar only, drinks, dessert and coffee (Cost $20 +Tip)

Don’t miss the opportunity to celebrate with our Team!

3rd Anniversary Seminar / Belt Promotion Ceremony

3rd Anniversary Belt Promotion CeremonyCongratulations to all of those promoted!

Students promoted to blue belt are: Ben B., Ellis, Grant, John, Tony, Chuy, Daniel, Carlos, Marcio and Kyle.
Students promoted to purple belt are: Michael R., Jacob, Alex, Eric and Ben S.
Kids belt promotions are: Harith (orange/white), Yusha (gray) and Thomas (gray)

A special thanks to Professor Roberto Traven for a great seminar before the ceremony!