2 MEBJJ Brown Belts take part in Pro BJJ Event

F2W Pro 3Mario Esfiha brown belts Alex Henley and Ben Snow were invited to showcase the art in the ‘Fight to Win Pro 3’ event held in Austin on March 4th, 2016. Over 500 people were considered, but ultimately only 50 grapplers were chosen for 25 pro BJJ matches. Both Alex and Ben were just promoted to brown belt 4 months earlier and went up against grapplers with many more years experience. Both Alex’s and Ben’s matches were 7 minute submission only. A ref’s decision would decide the winner if no submission came after 7 minutes.

Alex Henley went up against Tommy McCay of Gracie Humaitá Austin. Although Alex lost this match by decision, he was able to keep Tommy at bay for most of the fight then escaped a submission attempt in the final seconds of the match. Considering the size, age and experience gap, Alex did a great job at shutting Tommy down.

Ben Snow had a very exciting match with Daniel Rodriguez of Cinco MMA. This match also went the distance with no submissions. However, Ben was a dominant force on the mats and won a unanimous ref’s decision.

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